Bangladesh: "I did the actual track for 'Videophone' before I did 'Diva.' The 'Videophone' beat was actually a beat that I had, but I can't remember giving it to Sean Garrett. When I was working with him I didn’t even know he had that beat. We were working on 'Diva' at the time and when he played 'Videophone' he was just telling me she loves this beat.

"It wasn't a beat that was really on my radar. Like, as a producer you have your favorite beat and you only let certain people hear that. And 'Videophone' wasn’t one of those beats. So when he played it and he said, 'She loves this beat' I was surprised.

"I didn't go to the studio with her, [Sean Garrett] went to the studio with her. I've known Sean since probably 2002 when he was driving a little Corolla. Back then he was writing for somebody and the dude was on Universal, so they came through trying to work on something for the artist dude. I forget his name. That's when I first met him.

"That day he said something that I look back on, he said, 'Yeah man, I'ma be like Missy Elliot.' Within a few years he wrote [Usher's] 'Yeah,' [Ciara's] 'Goodies,' and he was doing what Missy Elliot was doing. Then he became the biggest writer in the game. So we just started working. The best work with the best like the real recognize the real, so you wanna work with people that's on your level. You don’t wanna send nothing to be Beyonce that don't sound right so you call up the best to write the track."