Bangladesh: "M.I.A. hit me up because she heard 'Bossy.' She reached out to me and I went out to New York to work with her. M.I.A.'s a dope artist but I think I forced that song out of her. What I mean by that is, she was looking for me to do something with the sounds that she provided for me because she's an artist and she had their own vision for her shit.

"When artists reach out to producers for a particular thing that they like, the producers usually do what they do. [But] I'm not gonna take particular sounds that you give me. I took one particular sound that she gave me and did my own thing with it. She gave me her vocals and a piece of 'Paper Planes.' But I was making her come up with new verses and she really didn't wanna write new stuff. She wrote new shit but she ain't really participate.

"So she ain't like it. I thought it was hot but she kept saying it sounds like some other producer or something. But then she put 'Paper Planes' out and it was the same shit! I just took it as she was searching for someone to give her the right beat to a song she wanted.

"Just tell me that though, you coulda sent me the vocals and I coulda done that from the crib. If I gotta get myself to New York and if I gotta pay for my own hotel room, it's cool. But call me and let me know that you don't wanna use the song. Don't put out something else. I did [the song] but it wasn't like a major release so I leaked that shit to the Internet cause she didn't want it."