R.I.P. LimeWire: Yes, LimeWire was still around, but now it's not. After a court-orderd injunction yesterday morning, the decade-old service closed up shop almost instantly. The closure undoubtedly stems from the company's four-year-old lawsuit with 13 various record companies. Don't cry for the LimeWire workers, though; seems they're hard at work on a new music service. But in a week when we've lost both LimeWire and the Walkman, we're not sure how to feel. Just don't take away our Commodore 64, please. [LINK]

Animal Collective tapped to curate ATP UK Festival in May: If you plan on being in jolly old England in May 2011, you should undoubtedly hit up the ATP UK Festival, which will be planned by those trippy pop wunderkinds Animal Collective. Already the Collective have chosen a gaggle of groups, including Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Gang Gang Dance, and The Meat Puppets, to join them in what should be a day of plenty of awesome music, fun-loving and liberated personal and spiritual exploration, and sheet after sheet of acid. [LINK]

Jay-Z says "hip-hop needs to find true emotion": Listen up, rap community, one of your biggest names (no, not Kanye West) has a message for you: Where is the love? Yes, Jay-Z himself wants to hear more people getting to the heart of larger issues we all must face, from the pain and heartache of financial loss to the simple joys in life. We think the first person to man up and really spill his guts should be Soulja Boy. [LINK]

The Lonely Island announce new album for 2011: If "I'm On A Boat" is your jam (it's ours on the real real), then we've got some good news for you: The trio, featuring Andy Samberg and two guys most people don't know but are just as funny, are dropping a new album, the follow up to 2009's Incredibad, in 2011. No idea what it's about, but enjoy a wacky announcement video that involves machine guns and a line about impotence. Hmm, we sense a correlation... [LINK]

Lou Reed to join Gorillaz in Los Angeles: The prospect of Lou Reed joining Gorillaz on stage should be enough to whip the Los Angeles crowd into a frenzy. That's despite the fact that he'll probably come on stage like a curmudgeon, power through an awesome version of "Some Kind of Nature", and then promptly exit. Still, if you're going to bring a legend out for one song, it ought to be this one. Enjoy the perks for now, L.A.; one day your state will break off into the ocean. [LINK]

Robert Smith and Crystal Castles' new single, "Not In Love": Move aside, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; here's a truly inspired collaboration. The Canadian electro band have joined forces with none other than The Cure's Robert Smith for a song. It's weird (and good), there's lots of electro instrumentation and effects, and it's about the pains of love. We would not expect lyrical content involving heartache from this group. Seriously. [LINK]

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