Produced by: Grease
"Puff ain't lie: it was all fucked up now. Ain't no one know what to do, especially Puff. One day, he was talking about how he was done with the music business, what was supposed to be fun somehow turned into death and tragedy. Shell-shocked, we all continued to go through the motions. Big's funeral was held on March 18th. One of the most star-studded events I've ever attended, and not to sound morbid, but the service was also one of the most beautiful music industry-related events I had ever witnessed. Sitting in one of the pews, the funeral home was playing some music that had been newly recorded by artists that knew, worked, lived with, and loved Big. That's where I first heard 'We'll Always Love Big Poppa,' at his funeral while looking up front at his casket, his lifeless body resting, right before trooping to Bed-Stuy for that BK royal sendoff. I don't think Big would have had it any other way than for his Bad Boy Lox soldiers to be spitting somber raps about the greatness of his life. And the Lox were dead on—we'll always love Big Poppa."