Produced by: Soulja Boy Tell 'Em & Mr. Collipark
Ringtones sold: Unknown
Complex says: If anything highlighted the disposal nature of Ringtone rap, it was the fact that its second generation quickly brought its downfall. Case in point: V.I.C. hit the scene with co-signs from Mr. Collipark and Soulja Boy and a Top 40 hit in "Get Silly," but that wasn't enough to make him last. Although he was branded a Soulja Boy clone, he couldn't clone SB's album sales since his debut album, Beast, only sold 7,000 copies its first week. Behind it all was the cigar smoking, bald-headed don Mr. Collipark (formerly known as DJ Smurf), who's responsible for everything from the rise of crunk music to the Ying Yang twins and their whisper flow to Hurricane Chris, and even Soulja Boy Tell 'Em.