Jay-Z "Change the Game" (2000)

LYRIC: "I wear more bling to The Source than Soul Trains / More chains and rings, niggas won't do a thing”
TARGET: Jayo Felony
SHOTS FIRED? KIND OF. Around the time that L.A. award shows turned into open season on rappers' jewelry, Jay defiantly stated that his baguettes were off-limits: "Niggas won't do a thing." Labelmate Jayo felt this was disrespectful to him and the Crips behind these alleged robberies, and came back with a non-subliminal dis record called "True'd Up (Crip Anthem)" on which he memorably promises to "sock that faggot in his big-ass lips." Hov then recruited Crips Daz and Kurupt for the "Change the Game" remix, and that was that.