We usually don't give out advice to older women, but ladies if you're trying to get your cougar stamp approved just start doing whatever the hell Stacey Dash is doing. We don't know if it's the diet, the exercise, or that good old nip/tuck, but she's 44-years-old, has spit out two kids, and spent two years getting beat by her husband, and she still looks so damn good. It's not even a question why Rick Ross would cast her as the vixen in his new video for "Super High." [Update: Click here to watch the final video.] Ross definitely isn't the first, though. Hip-hop has had an extended love affair with Ms. Dash for the last decade plus, casting her in videos and namedropping her on songs. So in anticipation of Ross' video, and in honor of the Clueless star still being so hot, we look back at the history of Hip Hop's Obsession With Stacey Dash.