Left To Right (clockwise): Wale, Trina & Nicki Minaj, Blu, Band Of Horses, T-Pain

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It's been another good day on the music blogs. Wale continues his streak of Twitter leaks. Trina and Nicki Minaj teamed up for a hypersexual record that only they can get away with. Band Of Horses account for the indie selection of the day, and we round things out with new material from Blu and T-Pain. There's gotta be something here that interests you. Listen to everything and download your favs after the jump...


SONG: "BASEhead"
• Random new music from Mr. Folarin. He kinda goes in on this. Produced by The Bassheads.

SONG: "Dang-A-Lang"
ARTIST: Trina f/ Lady Saw & Nicki Minaj
• You might wanna bring pause outta retirement for this one. Typical raunch you'd expect from this group of ladies.

SONG: "BossCo.2"
• You can't deny Blu's technical skills, but dude will be forgotten about if he doesn't follow this up with more music soon.

SONG: "Factory"
ARTIST: Band Of Horses
• Cudi sampled these grizzly-faced bros before. It probably won't pop the way "Funeral" did but it's still dope.

SONG: "Beat Build"
ARTIST: T-Pain f/ Young Cash & Rick Ross
• Another one off that Freaknik: The Musical soundtrack.That whole project is little odd, but this is one of the better leaks from it.

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