Grammy-award winning singer Robin Thicke is an expert at writing sensual music the ladies love. Don't think that makes him soft though—he's still your favorite rapper's favorite R&B crooner. His fourth LP Sex Therapy drops on December 15th, and we think there's a pretty good chance that keeping it in rotation will help you get laid. Seriously.

Given the theme of the album, we set out to get some sexual confessions from the man who landed the gorgeous Paula Patton, but (always the gentleman) he refused to "kiss and tell." Instead, we got him to reveal his favorite tunes to get down to and why he thinks Nicki Minaj is a dope date. Check out the quick Q&A and watch the "Sex Therapy" video below...

Interview by Soo-Young Kim

Complex: Your new album is called Sex Therapy. Have you ever had a bad sexual experience you needed therapy from? Maybe when you lost your virginity?

Robin Thicke: [Laughs] I'm gonna skip that one. What else?

Complex: Alright. What are your favorite slow jams for getting busy?

Robin Thicke: "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. "Adore" by Prince. There's the "Bump N' Grind Remix," R. Kelly. "I'm Fucking You Tonight" by R. Kelly and Biggie is a good one. [Laughs]

Complex: [Laughs]

Robin Thicke: Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." And I do that song in concert. So what else are we missing? Oh, let's say D'Angelo's "Brown Sugar."

Complex: Those are classics. And are you sure you don't have any amusing stories of the best—or worst—sex you've ever had?

Robin Thicke: A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell! These are wild questions. [Laughs]

Complex: Nicki Minaj is featured on your record, "Shakin' It For Daddy" and you lend a verse on Leighton Meester's "Somebody to Love." If you were a single man and you had to pick one of these girls to take on a date, who would it be?

Robin Thicke: I'd have to go with Nicki Minaj. I like the way she raps.

WATCH THE VIDEO: "Sex Therapy"