Left To Right: Young Jeezy, A-Trak, Rihanna, Soulja Boy, Lupe Fiasco

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You're probably aware that today was a big day for new music. If you haven't heard the new releases from Jeezy and Rihanna, we have both of those on deck. Of course, many of you heard those songs the moment they hit the Internet, but we still have some download-worthy cuts from A-Trak, Soulja Boy, and Lupe that you may have overlooked. Ready to start listening? The playlist begins after the jump...

SONG: "Trap Or Die 2"
ARTIST: Young Jeezy
• The message of the latest Thug Motivation 103 leak is clear: trappin' ain't dead. These bass-heavy three minutes are evidence that Jeezy isn't lying to us either. Very serious record here. We put the man on our cover for a reason.

SONG: "Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Club Edit)"
ARTIST: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
• Kanye's former DJ might be busy molding the career of his promising new artist, but he's still killing his own projects too. Here he turns the YYY's already awesome single into a club-ready anthem. Easily one of the best remixes of the year.

SONG: "Russian Roulette"
ARTIST: Rihanna
• We're not afraid to rock with a Rihanna song from time to time, but her long-awaited comeback record probably won't be getting too much play around our way. Judging from the snippet on her website, "The Wait Is Ova" sounds way iller. We'll wait on that one.

SONG: "So Cocky Wit It"
ARTIST: Soulja Boy
• Soulja just unleashed this banger via Twitter. People love to hate on the kid, but if you're into Gucci Mane and similar-sounding Southern rappers, you'll like his new stuff. If you're not, keep it moving.

SONG: "All Sabotage"
ARTIST: Japanese Cartoon
• Lupe continues to make music with his rock side project. We've heard better from the band, but this isn't bad at all. Of course, Lupe would want you to believe that this is some guy named Percival Fats singing, but we know better.

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