Left To Right: T-Pain, Fever Ray, Shakira, Rich Boy, Midnight Juggernauts

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Where else can you get T-Pain's apology to Jay-Z and his new collab with Shakira in one place? How about rap from Alabama right next to cool-guy electro from Australia? Everything that you need to hear from every genre is our style, and today's Shuffle is just as thorough as the rest. Start listening and downloading after the jump...

SONG: "More Careful"
• You should know the story by now. T-Pain fixed his mouth like collagen to talk slick about Hov a few weeks backs. Well, he ended up apologin' on this song (over the "Successful" beat). He comes across sincere and honestly, his raps are kind of nice too. Check it out.

SONG: "When I Grow Old (Bassnectar Remix)"
ARTIST: Fever Ray
• One-man-band Bassnectar is about to drop a remix album, Cozza Frenzy, pretty soon and this is the first leak. He takes Fever Ray's trippy sound and adds synths, new drums, and bass. Lots of bass. It should be interesting to see what else he adds his touch to when the LP is out.

SONG: "She Wolf (Remix)"
ARTIST: Shakira f/ T-Pain
• We're not trying to make this the T-Pain Shuffle, but it's not our fault that everyone is still calling him up for remixes. Surely, some white girls are going to request "She Wolf" at your next party. Put on this version and surprise 'em.

SONG: "Celebrity"
ARTIST: Rich Boy
• Someone is really going for the pop audience with this one. We would have expected to hear Britney Spears or Beyonce on this beat long before Rich Boy. In fact, dude might want to get one of them on the hook if he wants this song to have a chance of going anywhere.

SONG: "This New Technology"
ARTIST: Midnight Juggernauts
• Australia has earned a named for itself as the place where all the good electro/dance stuff comes from. This trio from Down Under is doing their best to live up to their homeland's reputation. All that aside, we're just wondering if they say, "It's the Juggernauts, bitch!" at shows.

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