Left To Right: Gucci Mane, Rich Hil, Ghostface, Kurt Vile, Camp Lo

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It's been a slow day on the music blogs, but that didn't stop us from rounding up five must-download songs that you should hear. We mixed a couple weekend favorites in with some joints that just surfaced today. Wanna hear the remix to the party anthem of the moment? We got you. Wanna see if the son of a preppy fashion pioneer can rap? All those questions answered and more after the jump...

SONG: "Wasted (Remix)"
ARTIST: Gucci Mane f/ OJ Da Juiceman, Twista
• Not too different from the version you already have, but the inclusion of Twista's rapid-fire verse will turn heads when you throw this on at your next party.

SONG: "My Blunt Burns Slow"
ARTIST: Rich Hil
• Tommy Hilfiger's son is doing his best Drake/Kid Cudi impression on here. The biggest surprise is that he's somewhat decent at it. Probably better than you'd expect. Keep working at it, kid.

SONG: "Cruisin'"
ARTIST: Ghostface Killah
• Here's the first leak from Ghost's upcoming "R&B" album, The Wizard of Poetry. We still prefer to hear GFK rhyming about copping bricks from [insert Latin ethnicity] hustlers, but this record has a chill enough vibe to get a few spins.

SONG: "Hunchback"
ARTIST: Kurt Vile
• This long-haired rocker has the emo sensibilities of today and the harsh guitars of yesterday. Sounds like something from a B-grade movie. The comparison makes more sense when you smoke whatever this guy was on when he recorded this.

SONG: "Another Heist"
ARTIST: Camp Lo f/ Ski
• Two hip-hop veterans trying to see if they still have it. Eh, it's listenable if you're not expecting the second coming of "Luchini."

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