Though it’s mostly known for its square beef patties and chocolate Frostys, Wendy’s has quickly established itself as one of social media’s most entertaining trolls. Case in point? The company’s National Roast Day that went down in the Twittersphere on Wednesday.

The fast-food giant spent the day dishing out some savage—and amusing—burns to anyone who dared asked for it.

“It’s #NationalRoastDay™. Drop the ‘roast me’ below,” Wendy’s tweeted. “Oh, and don’t forget to get free medium fries with purchase, in the app. Gotta do something with all this salt.”

The post garnered a slew of replies from regular Twitter users as well as some of the world’s biggest brands who couldn’t wait to be publicly ridiculed. Companies like Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Axe, Velveeta, and the Holiday Inn Express participated in the campaign; though we wouldn’t be surprised if they immediately regretted it.

You can check out some of Wendy’s best #NationalRoastDay tweets below.