On Sunday afternoon a pair of simultaneous, related fights broke out at Miami International Airport.

A 20-year-old has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct thus far as a result. Seven people were reported to be involved. Some of the chaos was captured on cellphone cameras; footage was then tweeted out by documentary filmmaker Billy Corben. 

Corben gave an update Monday with news of the arrest. He added that a fight began after those involved were told there wouldn’t be enough standby seats on their flight to Chicago. 

Footage of the incident shows witnesses yelling to try to get the fights to stop. Surprisingly, that doesn’t work. Employees for the airport are heard on camera calling for security, and eventually a bystander enters the picture and makes a (genuinely good) effort to help out. 

Authorities say the victims, one of whom was treated for minor injuries, didn’t want to press charges.