Donald Trump’s Saturday night rally speech included several weird flexes.

The event took place in Casper, Wyoming, where approximately 10,000 people gathered to show their support for Harriet Hageman—a Trump-endorsed congressional candidate looking to unseat Rep. Liz Cheney. Trump predictably took multiple shots at the incumbent, who has become one of the GOP’s most vocal Trump critics. Not only did she vote to impeach Trump in 2021, she is also one of two Republicans who serve on the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riots.

“As one of the leading proponents of the insurrection hoax, Liz Cheney has pushed a grotesquely false, fabricated, hysterical, partisan narrative, and that was the narrative of the day,” said Trump, as reported by Rolling Stone.

Trump was impeached for the second time shortly before he left office in 2021. He was hit with an insurrection incitement charge, but was ultimately acquitted by the Senate just several weeks later. During his speech, Trump said the “so-called word ‘insurrection’” was a “lot of crap,” and then claimed it “a total fake story” concocted by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party.

The Jan. 6 riots were arguably Trump’s biggest scandal during his presidency. The attack took place shortly after he delivered a speech in Washington, D.C., urging his supporters to march to the Capitol to “stop the steal.” After losing to Joe Biden in 2020, Trump continued to make baseless claims about voter fraud and a “stolen election.” His supporters attempted to stop the certification of the election results by storming the Capitol.  

Though the day will undoubtedly live in infamy, Trump said there was one detail of Jan. 6 that the media refuses to acknowledge: the size of his “Stop the Steal” rally crowd.

“I felt that the crowd was going to be massive, everybody was saying they were going to be there,” he said. “I believe it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken before. They never want to talk about that crowd. I have never spoken, in my opinion before a crowd that big and nobody wants to talk about it from the fake news media.”