Robert Burck, popularly known as the Times Square performer “Naked Cowboy,” was arrested Saturday in Florida during Daytona Beach’s annual Bike Week, the Orlando Sentinel reports

Dayton Beach police claim Burck was dressed in his usual “Naked Cowboy” attire of white briefs, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and a guitar when they saw attendees gather around him for a picture as he stood about 10 feet away from a shop in the area. Authorities approached him when they noticed people were placing money inside the soundhole of his guitar. 

Burck was charged with resisting a police officer without violence for pulling away from a cop, instead of following their orders. He was also cited for panhandling. 

Photos released by the police show that the headstock of Burck’s guitar was broken. Authorities argue that the damage occurred when he was resisting arrest. Footage from his arrest was posted on YouTube and shows a small crowd gathered around as a handcuffed Naked Cowboy leans on a patrol car. 

According to body cam footage from the incident, Burck pleaded with the officers, telling them, “I don’t need money, I’m already successful. I will never take their money again, I promise you.”

The Naked Cowboy states on his Facebook page that this was his 21st time attending Daytona Beach’s Bike Week, but this one almost certainly had to be the least enjoyable of them all. Jail records show Burck was released on Sunday.