Ted Cruz, whose public history includes everything from supporting a guy who suggested his dad could have been involved in the Kennedy assassination (and insulted his wife's appearance) to dangerously platforming baseless election theories, is now being called out by a number of prominent voices for his latest act of nonsensicality.

In a recent interview with conservative figure Michael Knowles, Cruz brought up both Avengers: Endgame and Watchmen while lamenting what he describes as "the view of the left." But before we dive into reactions to this, we must first begrudgingly experience an excerpt from the interview in question.

"You know, you talked about inevitable and I have to say it brought to mind Avengers: Endgame. … And it actually, what is interesting, and Endgame is curious—have you noticed in how many movies how often rabid environmentalists are the bad guys?" Cruz said. "Whether it's Thanos or go to Watchmen. You know, where the view of the left is people are a disease. They buy into the Malthusian line that there are too many people in the world, that people are bad and everything would be better if we had fewer people. I mean, Thanos wanted to eliminate 50 percent of the lifeforms in the universe with one finger-snapping."

That's definitely something Cruz would say, and he definitely said it.

Expectedly, humans—including a Watchmen writer and an Endgame producer—were quick to point out how little sense Cruz's comments made. Others were also quick to push the conversation back toward the fatal Capitol riot, which has roots in those aforementioned baseless election fraud claims.