A Florida teenager has been arrested and is facing charges of attempted murder after he allegedly tried to kill a man who was jogging, the New York Post reports.

Logan Smith is said to have studied the jogger’s movements for six weeks before attacking and strangling him. However, the man was able to fight back using his training in martial arts, and he kept Smith constrained until the authorities arrived. Smith had planned to store his victim’s body in his fridge, and use it to “fulfill his sexual fantasies,” according to an arrest report. Per the Post, Smith devised the plan after seeing the movie Scream.

“He further planned to place the victim’s body into his closet where the defendant stated no one would know, and the defendant could have the victim’s body all to himself,” police said in the report. “The defendant stated that he also planned to play with the victim to fulfill his sexual fantasies.”

The teen had also allegedly stored a rubber mallet, a can of deodorant aerosol spray, and the robe belt between two cars in his driveway. After strangling his victim, Smith was allegedly going to use a bedsheet to transport him to his house. He was also going to strike his victim with the mallet and spray the aerosol in his eyes.

Smith’s mother’s boyfriend characterized him as a loner who was having a tough time over the last five years after his father passed away in a car crash. “We just thought it was odd that he wanted to go out to the movies by himself,” the boyfriend said, perhaps alluding to the teen going to see Scream in the theater. “A person like Logan is more of a loner. They don’t like to go out of their comfort zone.”

He said that in addition to getting a lawyer, they’re going to address Smith’s mental health. “We are all at a loss for this. It is hard to wrap your mind around the thoughts that were going through his head and what he wanted to do,” the boyfriend told Fox 35