A particularly special crustacean dodged a death sentence last month.

According to Inside Nova, staff at a Virginia Red Lobster decided to spare the life of an unusual-looking lobster that was originally headed to a plate. The employees were reportedly taken aback by the animal’s vibrant, speckled shell, which was unlike anything they’ve ever seen. They then contacted an expert to find out what kind of animal they were dealing with; and, it turns out, it was one of the most rarest lobsters in the world.

A conservationist informed the restaurant that the animal had a calico-colored shell, which is seen in one of every 30 million lobsters. After realizing how unique the crustacean was, Red Lobster decided to name it “Freckles” and ultimately donated it to Virginia Living Museum in Newport News.

Chris Crippen, the senior director of animal welfare and conservation at the museum, traveled to the restaurant last week and transported Freckles to its new home. Crippen was accompanied by the aquarium’s curator, Patrycja Lawryniuk.

“We take great pride in our conservation efforts and strive to create strong partnerships in our community,” Crippen told Patch. “We see this as an opportunity to not only educate the public about the rare color scheme of this particular animal but also about sustainable seafood practices and the importance of conservation efforts of the American lobster fishery.”