In a move that surely spoiled the good times of a number of people in the name of long-antiquated marijuana laws, police in Ohio said this week they seized an assortment of edibles that were packaged to resemble popular brands of snack chips.

Per regional outlet WLWT, the confiscated edibles were taken from an “undisclosed location” by officers with the Dayton Police Department. The edibles had been packaged to look like popular snacks including Fritos chili cheese-flavored corn chips and Ruffles queso cheese-flavored potato chips.

“The THC-infused edibles are often marketed to youth,” Montgomery County Coroner Dr. Kent Harshbarger said in a press release earlier this week. “This is concerning because youth may have trouble discerning the difference between THC-infused edibles and actual food—especially children who cannot read but can recognize familiar packaging.”

On the packages, as seen above, the chip bags were marked to note that each package contains 600mg of THC.

Recreational cannabis use is illegal in the state of Ohio. In 2016, the state legalized medical use. Earlier this week, regulators in the state amended medical cannabis rules to expand the types of patients who are eligible to participate in the medical cannabis access program. 

At the federal level, the fight for sensible legislation—starting with no longer classifying it as a Schedule I substance—wages on.

“Marijuana should be legal nationwide,” Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said back in March. “All marijuana convictions must be expunged. It is absurd and idiotic that the federal government considers marijuana to be as dangerous as heroin.”