A Detroit man who was arrested for illegally possessing guns was also operating a marijuana vending machine at his residence.

Fox 2 reports Marcellus Cornwell was arrested last week and charged with illegally possessing guns.

After seizing 18 firearms while executing a search warrant at his home, authorities also discovered that Cornwell “owned and operated the marijuana vending machine attached to the residence for four years, making approximately $2,000 per day,” an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said in a court filing.

One customer, who posted a viral video on social media that showed how the vending machine worked, told Fox 2, “He was selling like, souvenirs. It’s an excellent service, I think it just got out of hand.”  

“Souvenirs,” was a code word, of course, for the weed Cornwell was selling. In addition to cash, the vending machine accepted credit cards and Apple Pay.

“I have to say the brazenness of it was shocking,” ATF special agent Paul Vanderplow said. “You do this stuff in a neighborhood, people are going to notice and they’re going to get mad – they’re going to do something about it.”

Along with 18 firearms, cops also seized dozens of rounds of ammunition and several pounds of suspected marijuana.

“As far as where these firearms came from and what crimes they would have been a part of we are still looking into that,” Vanderplow added.

Cornwell has been charged with a felony, on top of six previous felony charges. He was released on bond by a federal magistrate judge.