A real estate agent from the Lake of the Ozarks was arrested Thursday for an alleged murder-for-hire plot on her former mother-in-law, according to Yahoo News. 

Leigh Ann Bauman, 43, has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder after allegedly offering $1,500 to people in St. Louis who would kill her former mother-in-law in the town of Hermann, and make it “look like an accident.” When she was told how much it would cost to carry out the murder, Bauman responded, “Oh okay, that’s a reasonable price.” She was reportedly concerned about her ex mother-in-law causing problems with her relationship with her kids. 

An attorney for someone who was tasked with hiring people to carry out Bauman’s request contacted the Missouri Highway Patrol and informed them of her murder-for-hire plot. “We’re very appreciative of what the witness did in this case,” Camden County Prosecutor Caleb Cunningham said. “We encourage anyone to contact law enforcement if there’s a crime or suspected crime.”

Bauman was never shy about her intentions. The Camden County prosecutor’s office claims she was recorded discussing her plan. Bauman was allegedly given several opportunities by a witness to change her mind, but she was certain about moving ahead with the killing. Even after sending a text message to her daughter which read, “Your grandmother will die,” the self-described “cheer mom” never wavered because she believed that her Christian faith would allow her to be absolved if she were to ask for forgiveness.

Bauman is being held without bond. It is unclear when she will be required to appear in court.