Kansas state Rep. who’s been accused of kicking a high school student in the nuts has given up his license to be a substitute teacher. 

According to The Associated Press, Mark Samsel (R) surrendered the license on Tuesday, while later pinning the incident on “extreme” stress that led to “an isolated episode of mania with psychotic features.”

A Facebook post from Samsel said that over the past three months he had been visiting with mental health professionals. That same post said he’s studying how to handle stress so there’s “no likelihood” that he repeats his behavior. 

Samsel is facing three misdemeanor criminal charges of battery after he was said to have had “rude, insulting or angry” run-ins with a pair of teenage students, one 15 and the other 16, during an art class he was subbing for on April 28.

As we previously wrote of the incident: “Republican Kansas state Rep. Mark Samsel was arrested on Thursday in Wellsville, Kansas after allegations surfaced that he “put hands” on a male student and kneed him in the crotch (...) Footage that was apparently taken after the altercation shows the student on the ground with Samsel standing over him and asking, “Did it hurt?”

”The 36-year-old was subbing at a public school where he also went on religious tirades about suicide, masturbation, homosexuality, and more. In addition to misdemeanor battery, he has been prohibited from teaching in the Wellsville school district.”