In what started as an internet meme, hundreds of people named Josh showed up to a field in Nebraska to have a massive pool-noodle brawl Saturday, ultimately determining who could hold the title of the greatest Josh among them. The winner: 4-year-old Josh Vinson Jr., otherwise known as “Little Josh,” CNN reports.

The idea for the gathering began a year ago, when a man named Josh Swain connected with several other Josh Swain’s on Facebook, giving them a year to prepare for a battle like no other. Well, the day finally came, and the OG Swain defeated his opponent in an epic battle of rock, paper scissors, before commencing the biggest brawl of them all— a pool-noodle fight between all the Josh’s in attendance. 

The fight was an intense one, with Josh’s from all across the country— some dressed as Spider-Man— trying to earn their place on the Josh throne, as reported by KLKN TV’s Yousef Nasser. But only one Josh prevailed. 

Little Josh took the W after taking down his opponents, as the event itself earned the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha $8,000 in donations, well over its $1,000 goal. But nobody in attendance was happier than the king himself, who ended the fight being lifted in the air with a Burger King crown on his head. 

After his win, Little Josh only had a few words to share with his many fans on the internet: “I always fight everyone.”