The Boynton Beach Police Department released security footage showing a group of Good Samaritans who sprung into action after a woman suffered a “medical episode” while behind the wheel last week. 

The video starts just as the woman’s car begins to slowly move through a busy intersection in Florida’s Palm Beach County. After noticing something was wrong, her co-worker got out of her own vehicle, ran towards the car while waving her arms in the hope of getting help from other drivers. An individual in a military uniform was the first to respond, abandoning their own car and racing across the intersection to the person in need. A few more people eventually got involved and they managed to stop the moving car. 

“One woman grabbed a dumbbell from her car and a man used it to smash the rear passenger’s side window,” the department’s Facebook post reads. “Another man then climbed through the window to unlock the passenger’s side door. The car was then put in park and the Good Samaritans pushed it to a nearby 7-Eleven parking lot where a nurse who was on the phone with 911 provided medical attention until the fire department arrives.” 

Police have since been able to identify several of the heroes and plan on honoring them, as well as reuniting them with the woman they rescued. In a message to People, BBPD Public Information Officer Stephanie Slater said, “I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that it is serving as an inspiration of goodness in our country today.”