Fox News host Greg Gutfeld provided viewers with a hilarious moment on Friday after he failed to realize that he was on a hot mic. 

During an episode of Fox News’ The Five, Gutfeld was accidentally caught on-air singing a made-up song about how badly he had to use the restroom.

“I gotta pee, I gotta peeeeeee,” Gutfeld crooned during the beginning of the shoe’s “One More Thing” segment. Gutfeld’s co-host, Jesse Watters, quickly informed him that he was on the air while he, Juan Williams, and Shannon Bream broke into laughter. Watters decided to take hold of the segment while Gutfeld relieved himself.

Although the news can be a serious medium, Gutfeld went along with the blunder by informing his viewers that he’d made it to the restroom.

“Yes I peed,” the host tweeted after the moment started to make headlines.