A Florida nurse pled guilty last week after admitting to threatening to kill Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this year.

Niviane Petit Phelps, 39, sent 30-second video clips to her husband, who was behind bars, in February where she unfurled threats towards Harris’ life, claimed to have accepted $53,000 to carry out the “hit” on the Vice President, and vowed to assassinate her within 50 days.

Special Agent David Ballenger was made aware of the threat towards the Vice President in March. “The videos (that are of relevance to this investigation) generally depict Phelps complaining and speaking angrily to the camera about her hatred for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, among others,” the complaint reads, per CBS Miami. “However, in these videos, Phelps also made statements about killing Vice President Harris.”

“Kamala Harris you are going to die. Your days are numbered already,” Phelps said in one video. 

Phelps also shared a photo of herself at the gun range while holding a firearm and a target sheet. The Department of Justice said she applied for a concealed weapon permit two days later. 

Miami-Dade Police Department detectives and Secret Service visited Phelps’ home on March 3, but she refused to speak with them. Phelps spoke with a Secret Service agent three days later, saying she was angry about Harris becoming Vice President, but claimed she put her rage aside and was “past it.” She was charged in April. 

Speaking with law enforcement officials, Phelps admitted she “doesn’t know” what would have happened if they had not come to her house. She’s scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 19. She is facing up to 5 years in prison.