A fight involving multiple people erupted at a Bath & Body Works in Arizona, involving customers and employees.

According to a bystander, the incident happened over the weekend at a Scottsdale mall where two women were arguing before the brawl broke out. The bystander shot footage, claiming that one of the women was standing too close to another customer, which led to them verbally sparring. 

“IT ALL STARTED BECAUSE… white lady was standing too close to another customer (not shown) & they started arguing. BBW employees tried to de-escalate but the white lady wouldn’t leave so that’s where the video picks up :),” user @gendenslow wrote.

An employee soon began tussling with the white woman, and then more employees got involved—and some other women, who seems to know the first woman. A male employee then breaks it up and tells the woman to leave the store. She keeps arguing and says she won’t leave until she gets her purse.

Another video of the incident shows what happened before the fight where the white woman is shown arguing with a Black woman who calls the white woman “trailer park trash.” It also seems like the white woman also isn’t wearing a face mask, which is suspected to have sparked the brawl.