Donald Trump apparently had a former bodyguard foot the bill at the ex-president’s favorite fast-food chain, McDonald’s.

Kevin McKay told Daily Mail that when he worked as Trump’s bodyguard for five years, he picked up a $130 tab at McDonald’s one time in 2008. Trump was visiting one of his golf courses in Scotland, and his crew stopped at the fast-food eatery before flying back to the U.S. McKay said Trump didn’t have any of the local currency on him, “so he asked me if I could front him the cash,” according to McKay. He said he handed over the money, ordering a total of 20 cheeseburgers and fries, and around 10 to 15 sodas.

Trump apparently ate his usual order: two cheeseburgers with fries and a diet Coke. McKay also said that $130 back then was a lot for him to spend since he only made $2,700 a month as Trump’s bodyguard. McKay said he kept putting off asking for the money before and Trump never offered to pay him back. McKay was reportedly fired in 2012.

Trump seems to view McDonald’s as some sort of delicacy, famously serving food from the establishment as a buffet to Clemson in 2019 and North Dakota State that same year after both won football national championships. He also served the fast food to Baylor Lady Bears after they became the 2019 NCAA women’s tournament champions.