White Grand Rapids police officer Christopher Schurr has been charged with second-degree murder in the traffic stop killing of Patrick Lyoya, who was Black.

Per Click on Detroit, the charges were announced in a press conference by Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker on Thursday. Schurr has already turned himself in and is expected to be arraigned on charges by Friday.

Schurr fatally shot Lyoya, 26, during a traffic stop on April 4; he was pulled over because his license plate allegedly did not match the vehicle. When asked for his license, Lyoya reportedly ran and later struggled with the officer on a nearby front lawn. The passenger of the car Lyoya was driving recorded the whole incident, which ended with Schurr shooting Lyoya in the back of the head.

Becker said he spent six weeks reviewing forensic and toxicology reports before making the decision. 

Lyoya’s death sparked outrage in the Grand Rapids community and increasing pressure on police for answers. Authorities later released footage of the incident, and showed Shurr draw his taser and demanded Lyoya “let go of the taser” as they wrestled. The footage showed the officer push Lyoya face down to the ground, take out his firearm, and shoot Lyoya. 

“There was a lengthy struggle, I’m told it was over a minute and a half or two minutes of fighting,” Police Chief Eric Winstrom said upon sharing the disturbing footage. “During the struggle, the officer’s weapon discharged, killing the man.”

At one point during the incident, Shurr’s bodycam was deactivated.