With 4/20 upon us, it is no surprise to reiterate that cannabis is the new green gold rush. The industry, its impact on American life, and how it can change lives are buoyed by an almost comical level of growth, with cannabis spending estimated to hit $57 billion worldwide by 2027. New York recently became the 16th state in the United States to allow legal adult use of the sticky-icky-icky, but as legalization continues to sweep through the nation, it is also worth noting the rise of bud-infused nonprofits like NORML and FOCUS, and how they honor their communities by giving back to communities hardest hit by past transgressions.

Issues still remain as to how America can rectify the trauma and assault on Black and Brown people who were disproportionately affected by racially motivated arrests, but through advocacy and common sense policy suggestions, it is a hope of (at least) 65 percent of Americans who support legalization, that the rights of every American negatively impacted by prohibition get restitution and a chance to impact their communities and the world at large.

The cannabis community is already tight-knit, and while some mainstream organizations are turned off by the “stigma” it carries, other companies are empathetically contributing to give back to causes near and dear to its collective heart. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Complex salutes these eight greenhouse gas-fueled businesses that care deeply about spreading the love and giving back to the communities (that you should most definitely be supporting).