Viral Video Shows Woman Disrupting Flight, Yelling at Passengers About ‘Not Real’ Person

Among those also on the flight was comedian Carrot Top, who called the woman a "f*cking lunatic."

Video via TikTok

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Video via TikTok

Viral footage recently captured aboard a Florida-bound flight from Texas shows a woman screaming at fellow passengers about “that motherfucker back there” who “is not real.”

As you’ve no doubt seen on TikTok, Twitter, and elsewhere in recent days, the clip shows a woman making her way down the aisle on an American Airlines flight as she proceeds to make a series of remarks that ultimately led to not only an extended flight delay for everyone on board, but also a total deplaning. 

The way the whole plane looked back lmao

— Lance🇱🇨 (@Bornakang) July 3, 2023

“You can say whatever you want,” the woman is heard saying. “I’m telling you I’m getting the fuck off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the fuck off and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it. I don’t give two fucks. But I am telling you right now, that motherfucker back there is not real. And you can sit on this plane and die with them or not. I’m not going to.”

Comically, the person filming then pans the camera toward the back of the plane upon the “that motherfucker back there is not real” part of the outburst. At the end of the clip, which regional outlet KXAS-TV said was originally shared by texaskansasnnn on TikTok, another passenger can be heard responding to the woman with a calmly delivered “bye.”

Comedian Carrot Top was among those also on the flight. Amid a series of updates shared to Instagram, he said the incident started with “this fucking lunatic lady” losing “her earbud.” 

All told, he added, he and his fellow passengers were delayed several hours due to the woman’s behavior.

“I hope you’re having a relaxing evening behind bars in Dallas, Texas and hope you enjoyed your little stunt,” Carrot Top said, noting that “five hours later, we’re here in Orlando.”

Meanwhile, another TikTok user who says they were also on the plane alleges the woman in question “had been drinking” prior to getting on the flight. Elaborating on the aforementioned headphones remark, this individual alleged that—prior to the moment seen in the viral clip—the woman had falsely accused a Black passenger of stealing hear AirPods. Shortly after boarding, this person alleged, the woman “started yelling at the guy next to her, who of course was African-American, saying that he stole her AirPods.”

The TikTok user also said that the person the woman was describing as "not real" was the flight attendant who was originally tasked with dealing with her.

When reached for comment by Complex on Wednesday, a rep for American Airlines confirmed the woman was “removed from the flight” after it returned to the gate. Local law enforcement officials were waiting at the gate, the rep added.

“American Airlines flight 1009, with service from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to Orlando (MCO), returned to the gate due to a disruptive customer. The flight was met at the gate by local law enforcement and the customer was removed from the flight. Safety and security are our top priorities, and we thank our customers for their understanding and our team members for their professionalism in managing a difficult situation.”

In a separate statement to Complex, a Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport rep offered the following:

“Police from the DFW Airport Department of Public Safety responded on Sunday to a report of a disturbance onboard a flight at Terminal A. The passenger deplaned the aircraft at the request of the airline and left the airport without incident.”

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