Video Shows Group of Lame Bros Destroying 18-Million-Year-Old Rock Formation in Oregon

Oregon police are investigating the destruction of an 18-million-year-old rock formation after video surfaced of bros toppling it.

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A famous rock formation in Oregon originally believed to have been toppled by natural causes has now been revealed as a possible target of bro-sponsored vandalism. After video alleging to show a group of unidentified individuals knocking over the famous Duckbill rock formation at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City was obtained and shared by the Oregonian, local authorities promptly opened an investigation into what many are calling pure douchebaggery.

David Kalas, who captured video of the rocks destruction while shooting some drone footage with a friend Aug. 29, approached the group of alleged bros after their well-matched battle with a collection of minerals. "I asked them, you know, why they knocked the rock down, and the reply I got was: their buddy broke their leg earlier because of that rock," Kalas toldKATU. "They basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazard, and that they did the world or Oregon a favor."

After toppling our dear Duckbill, Kalas said, the group stood atop the rubble and snapped a few photos before getting the hell out of there. Though Duckbill's home had technically been roped off from visitors due to the generally precarious vibes of the location, that rarely stopped gawking tourists and locals alike from copping a few classic 'grams. Those grams, however, had never previously ended in the rock's mindless destruction.

"The beauty of the area is a very powerful lure," Chris Havel, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department's associate director, toldNational Geographic Tuesday. "People regularly cross the fence, ignore the warning signs, and go where they shouldn't."

Bewildered rock lovers mourned the monument’s death on Twitter, uniting behind the #RIPThatPNWRock hashtag:

People are so terrible. How could anyone have the heart to destroy something that means so much to other people. #RIPThatPNWRock

— bree baby (@breeeluvsyou) September 5, 2016


— m!chael (@michael_haff) September 5, 2016

You will be missed, Duckbill.

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