TikTok User From Viral Fleetwood Mac Skating Clip Receives Thousands in Donations

Nathan Apodaca, a.k.a. 420doggface208 on TikTok, recently received the love of the world thanks to his viral Fleetwood Mac-soundtracked skating clip.

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Nathan Apodaca, a.k.a. 420doggface208, has received thousands of dollars in donations from generous fans of his still-ubiquitous TikTok featuring the comforting pairing of a skate-improving Fleetwood Mac classic and a jug of Ocean Spray's Cran-Raspberry drink.

Apodaca said in an interview on Tuesday that he's going to use the money that's been donated to him so far by putting it toward transportation and housing needs, as well as giving a commendable chunk of it to his mother. 

We love this! https://t.co/LgMGOGZIer

— Fleetwood Mac (@fleetwoodmac) September 26, 2020

"Right now, I've gotten over 10,000 plus," he told TMZ via video chat. "It's crazy. I don't know how many donations are gonna keep coming in but, like I said, it's a blessing in itself. I wanna give my mom a little bit, for sure. So right now I know I'm gonna give her $5,000."

The $5K gift to his mother, he added, is going to be a surprise that he plans to film for an upcoming YouTube video. 

As for himself, Apodaca—whose previous celebrations of familiar Green Day and Avril Lavigne songs on TikTok have also now started getting more attention—said he's recently living in an RV (with no water) parked outside his brother's home.

I just want to say thanks to everybody that’s showing love and support that video with the RV was a while ago I bought it when I saved up $1000 I am still in The RV but I am in front of my brothers so now I have a place to shower and💩(not in that order)BONG!!mucho thank yous 🖖🏼

— *BLAZIN*4*1*NATION* (@doggface208) September 27, 2020

"I just need a space of my own where I can cook and clean shower and shit," he said.

Meanwhile, his car—though Apodaca commends it for still "running strong"—has more than 300,000 miles on it. It's that car problems, however, that ultimately resulted in the now-famous Fleetwood Mac clip.

Hey, Ocean Spray. Give this man a commercial as requested.

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