Supporters Organize 2.23-Mile Run in Honor of Ahmaud Arbery, the Unarmed Black Man Killed in Georgia

The distance is a reference to the date Ahmaud, who was out on a jog in his Georgia neighborhood, was killed by the McMichaels.

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A multi-mile run is being organized to raise awareness surrounding the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man who was simply out for a run in Georgia when suspects Gregory and Travis McMichael grabbed guns and pursued him, ultimately killing him.

PerCBS News, many have united behind the #IRunWithAhmaud hashtag in advance of a planned run of 2.23 miles on Friday, May 8.

"This Friday is Ahmaud's birthday," reads a flyer that's been widely shared. "Please post a message, video, or dedication with the hashtag."

The decision to set the length of the run at 2.23 miles is a reference to Feb. 23, the date Ahmaud was killed while out for a run in his Brunswick neighborhood. The 25-year-old was pursued by an ex-cop and his son, the McMichaels, who have claimed they were chasing him because they believed he was a suspect in a series of nearby home break-ins. The McMichaels are white.

Over the weekend Ahmaud's mother Wanda Cooper spoke with CNN, addressing the recently surfaced social media footage that allegedly shows the shooting. She said she will not be watching the footage.

"I saw my son come in the world and seeing him leave the world, it's not something that I want to see ever," she said.

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So far, there have been no charges brought against the McMichaels. 

The shooting death has received growing attention thanks to awareness-raising messages from a number of celebrities and other public figures including LeBron James, Joe Biden, 2 Chainz, Billie Joe Armstrong, and more.

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