Researcher Says Increase in Average Erect Penis Length Over Past 29 Years Is ‘Concerning’

The average length of erect phalluses has shown a sizable increase in a short period of time, per data pulled from multiple studies spanning decades.

A comparison image showing size increase for genitalia

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A comparison image showing size increase for genitalia

An observed increase in the average length of erect penises is a potential cause for concern, according to an urology professor at Stanford.

In short, this week saw the online publication of a phallically focused study in the World Journal of Men’s Health, the key conclusion of which was that “the average erect penis length has increased over the past three decades across the world.”

This trend was discovered after researchers dove into a number of studies originally published between 1942 and 2021, ultimately resulting in penis-related data from over 55,000 men. While several categories of length were studied, including measurements of the “flaccid” and “stretched” variety, erections ultimately proved to be the star of the show.

In fact, erect penis length was shown in the combined data to have increased by 24 percent over the past 29 years when adjusted for region, age, and population. As Stanford urologist Michael Eisenberg, MD explained in a subsequent chat with the medical school’s official Scope blog, this increase is “concerning” for a number of reasons.

“The increase happened over a relatively short period of time,” Eisenberg pointed out. “Any overall change in development is concerning, because our reproductive system is one of the most important pieces of human biology. If we’re seeing this fast of a change, it means that something powerful is happening to our bodies. We should try to confirm these findings and if confirmed, we must determine the cause of these changes.”

As for why this increase has taken place, Eisenberg highlighted several potential causes, exposure to chemicals among them.

Read more of the study here. Notably, the World Journal of Men’s Health is self-described as a “peer-reviewed open-access journal.”

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