President Obama to Bill Maher: 'If I Watched Fox News, I Probably Wouldn't Vote for Me Either'

Obama finally makes a 'Real Time' appearance and talks weed, voting, and the problem with modern news.

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After months of public pleading and a viral White House petition, Bill Maher finally landed an expansive interview with President Barack Obama. Maher chopped it up with Obama on Friday's Real Time, diving deep on everything from the nation's continually evolving stance on cool shit like weed to decidedly abysmal shit like Fuckface Von Clownstick. Obama even managed to get in a timely jab at Fox News lemmings.

"If I watched Fox News, I probably wouldn't vote for me either," Obama joked during the interview, the uncut version of which was shared on YouTube Saturday. "You've got this screen, this funhouse mirror through which people are receiving their information, and how to break through that is a real challenge." Obama also expressed his desire for news organizations at large to get back to the business of truth.

"The thing I'm most concerned about when I leave is the balkanization of the media," Obama explained. "You've got 800 stations and all these websites and people have difficulty sorting out what's true and what's not." According to Obama, the majority of the nation is on his side. "The problem is, we've got all these filters," he added.

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But Tuesday's election, which for many states will also include crucial marijuana platforms, is of course Obama's foremost concern. "The choice in this election should be really clear," Obama said. "Anybody who's watching your show and was a supporter of mine or a supporter of Bernie's or is a progressive generally."

Obama insisted that all the progress of the past eight years is at risk of being eroded should the election go in the Republicans' favor. "I have worked with Hillary Clinton," Obama said. "I know her, and she is somebody who cares about these issues. She does her homework. She cares deeply about ordinary folks. Her policies are aligned with yours and mine."

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