Philando Castile's Family to Receive $3 Million in Settlement With City

Philando Castile, 32, was killed by police in July of last year.

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The family of Philando Castile, who was killed by police in July 2016, has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the city of St. Anthony, Minnesota. The nearly $3 million settlement was announced by Castile family lawyers and city officials Monday, the Star Tribunereported

The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust will pay $2.995 million to Valerie Castile, Philando's mother and the family trustee. "No amount of money could ever replace Philando," a family representative and the city of St. Anthony said in a joint statement. "With resolution of the claims the family will continue to deal with their loss through the important work of the Philando Castile Relief Foundation."

Robert Bennett, one of the attorneys representing the family, clarified Monday that the settlement does not include Philando's girlfriend Diamond Reynolds. The Tribunereported that Reynolds has hired a lawyer, but whether she is still planning a lawsuit of her own remains unclear.

The immediate aftermath of the traffic stop shooting of Castile was shared in a graphic Facebook video. Though police claimed the victim had reached for his permit-allowed gun at the time of the shooting, both Castile and Reynolds disputed that.

"[Castile] was seat-belted and doing as he was told, when he was shot by [St. Anthony officer Jeronimo Yanez] who fired seven shots into the vehicle where my .... daughter and I also sat," Reynolds said in a statement earlier this month, CNNreported. "It is a sad state of affairs when this type of criminal conduct is condoned simply because Yanez is a policeman."

Yanez was later found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter and related counts. If convicted, Yanez could have served 10 years and paid a $20,000 fine, in addition to more years and added fines on other charges including intentional discharge of firearm that endangers safety.

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