OnlyFans Rolls Out New App Featuring SFW Content

In a move that may signal the app team's intentions of distancing itself from the sex workers community that made it popular, the push for OFTV has started.


Image via OnlyFans


OnlyFans is pushing a new streaming platform and app that will be notably bereft of adult content.

Tuesday, the London-based company announced the formal launch of OFTV, which is billed as a “new free streaming service and app” featuring original content from OnlyFans creators in a variety of spaces spanning from fitness to cooking. The still-growing library, per OnlyFans, features both long-form and short-form content from hundreds of creators that’s exclusive to fans.

Users can view the content using the app on their phones, tablets, or smart TVs. The new app was soft-launched earlier this year as part of a market test, with the larger public push arriving this week. 

“From the onset of launching OnlyFans, we have been a creator-first platform to give creators further autonomy and power over their content,” Tim Stokely, founder and CEO of OnlyFans, said. “We’re all about giving creators more opportunities to get their content out there and more ways for our community to access it.”

Featured heavily in the accompanying promo material is Mia Khalifa, who appears on the OFTV original series Unlocked. The series, which recently launched a new season, has also featured Holly Madison and Bella Thorne. The latter, of course, received widespread criticism from the sex workers community in August of last year amid coverage of the Babysitter star’s $2 million haul on the platform.

Namely, Thorne’s appearance on the platform—and the manner in which she and her team described it in the press—was viewed by many as being an example of someone treating sex work as an experiment. Critics also argued that this approach harmed the working class community on the platform, not to mention the celebrating of Thorne’s move into OnlyFans stood in stark contrast to how other women have been treated for doing the exact same thing

Complex has reached out to a rep for OnlyFans for additional comment on the OFTV rollout.

Amid the pandemic, the issues facing many sex workers became a frequent discussion topic, all while mainstream attention was building for platforms like OnlyFans. With this latest push toward not acknowledging the impact sex workers had in boosting OnlyFans’ popularity, it’s not difficult to imagine a new leader in creator-to-consumer adult content emerging soon.

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