NYC Health Department Commended for Promoting Use of 'Walls' During Pandemic Sex

The New York City Health Department would like everyone to "get creative" and up the kink factor when engaging in pandemic-era sexual activities.


Image via Getty/Andrii Chagovets


Fucking? In this pandemic?

Largely inevitable, obviously. And in an effort to ease coronavirus-related concerns regarding said fucking, the New York City Health Department recently issued new guidance in which "safer" methods of fucking are detailed.

"During this extended public health emergency, people will and should have sex," the department's Safer Sex and COVID-19 guide states with stunning accuracy. "Consider using harm reduction strategies to reduce the risk to yourself, your partners, and our community."

Among the tips are a reminder that you are your safest sex partner ("masturbation will not spread COVID-19"), the second safest is someone you already live with, and some much-appreciated encouragement about upping the kink factor in one's sex life:

As you may recall, the NYC Health Department previously achieved virality back in March by way of an earlier, slightly less detailed guide on pandemic sex safety. The latest wave of jovial commentary is largely spurred by the department's commendable decision to urge consensual kink exploration, particularly the suggestion of "physical barriers" including walls.

However you choose to consensually fuck, the guidelines mentioned here are certainly worth committing to memory, as keeping you and those around you (fucking or not) safe from a potential health hazard is simply the right thing to do.

And in that spirit:

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