Pornhub Launches Series of 'Cleanest Porn Ever' Instructional Videos

The latest in the site's COVID-19 awareness push.


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In their latest effort to keep you in the house watching porn, rather than out of the house spreading COVID-19 around (and not watching porn), Pornhub is launching a "Cleanest Porn Ever" event, according to a press release it sent out on Wednesday. 

This event will feature "a series of instructional videos" from the site's Model Program, which aims to educate the public on minimizing the spread of (bad) germs while having sex. Obviously it's an attempt to capitalize on the whole "you know what, on second though maybe I don't want to get sick" movement that's become all the rage during the current pandemic.

As the company writes of these videos, "[they] will star popular Pornhub models demonstrating how to adhere to social distancing guidelines with safe-for-work health instructions before diving into an uncensored scene. Additionally, the campaign will challenge people to find the most creative ways to have the safest, cleanest sex possible, and provide additional resources on how to stay safe during the pandemic."

If you're still going to work, that "uncensored scene" part is a good indication you'll want to wait until you get home to check this out, though the company is also offering up safe-for-work versions of the same videos on its YouTube channel. While still exercising good judgment regarding how your employer monitors internet usage, you can check out that channel here if you wish.

Models participating in the campaign will include Danika Mori, Leolulu, Mary Moody, Josy Black, MySweetApple, Solazola, Gabby Ferrer, June Liu (SpicyGum), and the company's brand ambassador Asa Akira. There's probably decent odds you're familiar with one or more of those names.

Pornhub vice president Corey Price also made a pitch as to what the appeal of these videos is (besides the obvious). “Despite the tragedy that’s resulted from this deadly pandemic, it’s great to watch people from all over the world come together to support their communities,” Price said “We’re grateful to our models for joining in this effort to help prevent the spread of the virus. Instructional videos can be dry and boring, but this entertaining series proves that social distancing can still be sexy.”

This newest campaign is just the latest coronavirus-related tie-in spearheaded by Pornhub.

Prior to this, the site put up a safe-for-work parody destination called Scrubhub, which revolved around washing your hands. Pornhub made its premium service free to encourage staying inside, first to Italy, then everybody else. And it also made donations to first responders, medical staff, and gave out relief to sex workers who've had their wallets/pocketbooks hit by the pandemic. 

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