Michigan High School Students Rant About Bringing Back Slavery in Shockingly Racist Video

A viral video shows Michigan high school students talk about bringing back slavery, burning black people alive, and other racist commentary.

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A high school in Michigan is once again under fire for the racist actions of its students, with a now-viral video capturing a variety of offensive remarks from a group of teens. The video, which was first uploaded to Facebook earlier this month, shows several Grosse Pointe South High School students theorizing what they might do as President of the United States in 2040.​

"Stupid, worthless, need to leave our country, send 'em back to Africa," one student says on the video. "White people are gonna be the dominants of the country," the student adds. "We're gonna burn 'em on stakes," another student says.​" The students also ponder putting black people "in a river" and forcing them to "swim to the Atlanta Ocean," adding that they should also be branded.

Gross Pointe officials toldWXYZ Thursday that three students involved with the video had received suspension or separations, with one student reportedly claiming to be "under the influence of alcohol" at the time the footage was captured. In a letter sent to parents (and obtained by WXYZ) shortly after the video started going viral, Grosse Pointe Principal Moussa Hamka asserted that she and her staff were taking this issue very seriously​:

During my nearly two years here at South, I have been consistently impressed with the depth of compassion and kindness exhibited by our students. I am confident that this incident will provide South the opportunity to stand with a united voice of love and acceptance for all. We will continue to demonstrate that the majority of our students and community members do not accept and will not tolerate such bigotry.

The incident is the second of its kind to pull Grosse Pointe South High School into headlines this year alone. Back in March, the Detroit Free Pressnotes that several South High students' social media posts showed them at a party with the N-word written across their stomachs.​

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Grosse Pointe South High School did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

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