Man Allegedly Squirted Women With Syringe Full of Semen at Walmart

A West Virginia man allegedly used a syringe full of semen to squirt Walmart shoppers.

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A West Virginia man allegedly used a syringe to spray Walmart shoppers with his own semen on multiple occasions. Timothy Blake "repeatedly stalked" women inside an Ohio Walmart before squirting them with semen, CBS Newsreported Wednesday. Blake, authorities say, first told police he had thrown egg yolks at the victims but later admitted the substance was semen.

"The defendant stated maybe it was his way of having sex with these women," Marietta police wrote in the arrest affidavit. The first report of such incidents was received in November. A woman told authorities she was at Walmart when she noticed a "creepy" man who appeared to be "lingering around" as she attempted to shop. The man then approached her from behind, at which point she noticed a wet substance on her lower back and foot. After washing off the substance in a nearby restroom, the man was allegedly seen waiting on the woman.

A similar report was received in December, with surveillance tapes reportedly showing the man fleeing the scene in a pickup truck. The truck was later discovered by police, leading to Blake—the owner of the vehicle—being questioned. Surveillance tapes also captured Blake using the syringe to squirt the woman who was stalked in November. Blake, 26, was ultimately booked and charged Dec. 30 with sexual imposition, pandering obscenity, and two counts of menace by stalking.

According to the New York Daily News, Blake said he had previously used syringes full of either “egg, spit, or semen” to squirt women on a dozen occasions. Blake, who is married, reportedly blamed his parents for the behavior and accused them of molesting him as a child.

Sadly, this doesn't mark the first incident of its kind.

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