If the above shirt offends you, you're either a time traveler from the year 1995 or it's 2016 and you're voting Donald Trump for president. In 1995, Walmart banned this "controversial" tee featuring a character from Dennis the Menace declaring "Someday a woman will be President!" from its stores.

The story was resurfaced Tuesday night by Rutgers University professor Nick Kapur, who directed his followers to an Associated Press article that, according to a screenshot taken by Jezebel, ran with the subheader: "'Woman president' shirts don't reflect 'family values.'" Walmart reportedly pulled the shirt after a single complaint, according to the original story, which you can read here. "“It was determined the T-shirt was offensive to some people and so the decision was made to pull it from the sales floor," a spokesperson for Walmart told the Associated Press.

The shirt was designed by 70-year-old Florida psychologist Ann Ruben. Ruben told People in 1995, "I was never aware that promoting women as leaders flew in the face of family values. It didn't make any sense."  The People interview also reports that after Walmart received thousands of complaints for pulling the shirt, the company agreed to buy 30,000 of Ruben's tees. At the time, Ruben said she was going to give all the profits from the T-shirt's sales to the Women Are Wonderful foundation. 

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