Klarna’s ‘Fill Up Now. Pay Later’ Option for Gas Is Getting Mixed Reactions Amid Prices Hitting Record Highs

The option has received heightened attention in recent days as concerns remain high over historic gas prices and an uncertainty over what's ahead.

A gas station sign showing high prices is pictured

Image via Getty/Gary Coronado/Los Angeles Times

A gas station sign showing high prices is pictured

In recent weeks, it’s been hard to miss the slew of updates coming in regarding gas prices, which have hit historic highs in the U.S.

It certainly is real! You are always more than welcome to DM us if you ever have any questions :)

— AskKlarna (@AskKlarna) March 17, 2022

Amid the heightened coverage of these spikes and other impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, attention started being placed on Stockholm-headquartered fintech company Klarna’s ‘Fill Up Now. Pay Later’ feature. In a Protocol piece shared Wednesday, for example, it was noted that Klarna (as well as Zip) had collaborated with gas station companies to facilitate payment plans.

Hi Janae, Klarna does not report BNPL repayment data to credit bureaus and we will of course communicate if this ever changes.

— Klarna (@Klarna) March 16, 2022

In an explainer page on the official Klarna site, the option was summarized as follows:

“You can now gas up or grab snacks at Chevron and Texaco and split the cost over 6 weeks with Klarna.”

The Shade Room also highlighted the gas station availability of Klarna as a choice of payment, noting that the option required the creation of a digital in-store card within the service’s official app. In the ensuing comments, some applauded the payment-splitting feature while others were more critical.


“We can confirm this isn’t new news, just the result of marketing that was in the pipeline and went live,” a Klarna rep later told Complex. “We have been partnered with Chevron since 2021 and have done marketing with them a few times since then, so no connection to the recent increase in gas prices either.”

In reference to the ‘Fill Up Now. Pay Later’ feature’s designated section of the site not currently being live, the rep noted that the page has gone live “on and off a few times” since the partnership started in 2021.

In a tweeted statement on Wednesday, President Joe Biden addressed current price concerns, arguing that oil and gas companies “shouldn’t pad their profits” at the expense of everyday people.

Oil prices are decreasing, gas prices should too.

Last time oil was $96 a barrel, gas was $3.62 a gallon. Now it’s $4.31.

Oil and gas companies shouldn’t pad their profits at the expense of hardworking Americans. pic.twitter.com/uLNGleWBly

— President Biden (@POTUS) March 16, 2022

Below, see more of what’s transpired as part of the Klarna and gas prices discourse.

Klarna is letting people pay for gas over time and that is fantastic. Good on them for meeting a need.

— Nah, for real, Im FJ (@FeministaJones) March 16, 2022

gas prices so high that klarna offered a fucking layaway plan hakshskjdj we are living in HELLLLL pic.twitter.com/S5CLaGzXJd

— jocelyn (@jocelynsmh) March 15, 2022

While this will absolutely assist folks, here are things that'll help even more:
- lowering gas prices (esp bc of low oil prices)
- universal healthcare
- addressing gentrification-housing cost inflation issues
- universal basic income
- canceling student loans
- erasing med debt https://t.co/INNjoULFSg

— Alicia Crosby Mack (she/her) (@aliciatcrosby) March 17, 2022

"Gas on credit" was not on my 2022 bingo card https://t.co/EUv8qJQjKY

— 20 years of Arteta (@JerseyImperator) March 17, 2022

making everything into predatory lending and a landlord is the norm now. Hey, now you can rent expensive pointless gas. https://t.co/uoqKGz10wn

— hotmelligan.bsky.social (@ChaosIsMel) March 17, 2022

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