Google Removes Popular CamScanner App After Detection of Malware Spread

Android users, pay attention to this one.


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It's a big day for malware, as reports have flooded in regarding Google's removal of a wildly popular app for reasons of the nefarious variety.

CamScanner, the app in question, is a PDF creator app that boasted more than 100 million installations via Google Play. Per a CNN report Thursday, however, the Android version of the app has been determined to have been "injected with malware" from an advertiser that boasted the potential for intrusive advertising methods for users. The iOS edition is not affected by this discovery.

You should probably uninstall CamScanner from your phone as it is found to be infected with malware. A better alternative is Office Lens from Microsoft.

— Amit Agarwal (@labnol) August 28, 2019

In a statement addressed to 'dear CamScanner Android users," the app's developers said they had recently detected that the ad SDK provided by AdHub contained a "malicious module." The team also said legal action was being pursued.

"Injection of any suspicious codes violates the CamScanner Security Policy!" the CamScanner team said. "We will take immediate legal actions against Adhub! Fortunately, after rounds of security check, we have not found any evidence showing the module could cause any leak of document data."

ATTENTION, ALL ANDROID USERS! To address your recent concerns, we are here to make the following statement and you may download the new version:

— CamScanner (@CamScanner) August 28, 2019

An updated edition of the Android app for Google Play is now being worked on, with CamScanner offering a direct link for users to download the latest version on Wednesday.

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