Florida Man Pulled Over in 'Booty Patrol' Truck, Cited for 'Impersonating Law Enforcement'

Naturally, the law enforcement agency responsible for the traffic stop has been relentlessly dragged for interfering with booty-related duties.

Video via WINK News

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Video via WINK News

Important Booty Patrol business was recklessly interrupted by so-called law enforcement in Florida this past weekend.

In their original statement on Sunday, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office said it was “reaching out to raise awareness” regarding a vehicle they tried to posit as “impersonating law enforcement.” In short, the department was arguing that the vehicle in question—a truck emblazoned with the Booty Patrol distinction—was impersonating the similarly named but singularly sinister Border Patrol.

In a follow-up statement shared on Wednesday, the department said it had found the vehicle and the driver, at which point a traffic stop was initiated. Ultimately, deputies issued the unidentified driver a citation over prohibited lights.

"We want to emphasize that DCSO located the vehicle on Sunday, and our initial post aimed to raise awareness about this incident, ensuring that the public can avoid being duped by such individuals," the department said. "We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who called in with information about the suspicious vehicle, as your continued support is crucial in helping us maintain a safe and secure community for our residents."

Thrillingly, the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office has been publicly derided over the traffic stop, particularly for the department's assertion that it was concerned about people actually being fooled by such a vehicle.

“What a great way of using county funds,” one commenter wrote on Facebook.

“Awesome I might do my truck like that,” said another.

Yet another commenter questioned the “suspicious vehicle” claim, noting that these types of law enforcement-related brags are a key part of why people despise police.

“Nobody was being duped,” the person wrote in response to the department’s latest Facebook update on the citation. “You are the reason why some folks feel the way they do about cops. You are not helping.”

It's unclear if Booty Patrol services in the region have been discontinued entirely or merely temporarily complicated. What is clear, however, is that booty is a state of mind. No cop could ever stop that.

Complex has not reached out to the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office for comment. Quite frankly, what's the point? In a pun-filled local WINK News report, seen above, it's further pointed out that the vehicle in question is a known "show truck" in the area.

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