Flight From Maui Plunges to Within 800 Feet Over Ocean After Takeoff

The incident is only just now making headlines but actually occurred back in December. According to the FAA, "appropriate action" has been taken.

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A United Airlines flight from Maui and bound for San Francisco plunged to just 775 feet above the ocean after takeoff.

The flight in question, which took place back in December but is only just now making headlines, took the dive in question approximately 71 seconds after takeoff from Kahului Airport.

Per a piece from the Air Current, which first reported on the incident, the plane took off from the airport at around 2:49 p.m. local time and initially started to climb in a normal fashion. At around 2,200 feet, the plunge began, ultimately bringing the plane to 775 feet from the Pacific Ocean.

All told, the incident was a brief one, with the flight quickly recovering and proceeding as expected to its destination. At the time of its initial departure from Maui, the region was reported to be experiencing storms.

When reached for comment by Complex on Tuesday, a United Airlines rep confirmed that the pilots “filed the appropriate safety report” after landing in San Francisco.

“United then closely coordinated with the FAA and [the Air Line Pilots Association] on an investigation that ultimately resulted in the pilots receiving additional training,” the rep added. “Safety remains our highest priority.”

The rep also pointed out that both pilots, who had roughly 25,000 hours of flying experience between them, had “fully cooperated” with the ensuing investigation. Furthermore, they are said to still be undergoing additional training.

In a separate statement to Complex on Tuesday, a rep from the FAA confirmed that the flight crew had reported the incident as part of “a voluntary safety reporting program,” at which point it was reviewed and “appropriate action” was taken.

The National Transportation Safety Board, meanwhile, confirmed to Complex that they have “not initiated an investigation into the incident at this time.”

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