Facebook Co-Founder Says Zuckerberg’s ‘Power Is Unprecedented and Un-American,’ Wants Company Broken Up (UPDATE)

Even Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder, thinks things have gone way too far in Zuckerland.


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UPDATED May 9 6:20 p.m. ET: Shortly after Chris Hughes called for Facebook to be broken up, the social networking giant rejected his argument with the following statement:

"Facebook accepts that with success comes accountability," Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs and communication, wrote to the New York Times. "But you don’t enforce accountability by calling for the breakup of a successful American company."

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Facebook, an objectively terrible place to spend one's time or gather one's daily intel, is now being openly criticized for unchecked power by one of the goobs responsible for its very existence.

Chris Hughes, noted Harvard roommate and Facebook co-founder, penned a lengthy piece for The New York Times Thursday in which he looked back on the site's beginnings and urged governmental intervention. "It's been 15 years since I co-founded Facebook at Harvard, and I haven't worked at the company in a decade," Hughes said. "But I feel a sense of anger and responsibility."

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While Hughes goes out of his way to characterize Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg as a "good, kind person," he's critical of the goat-eater's decision to pursue clicks-based expansion at the cost of "security and civility." An impending FTC fine, Hughes argued, isn't enough to curb the monopoly-like growth. "Mark's power is unprecedented and un-American," he said Thursday. "It is time to break up Facebook."

From there, Hughes centers his criticism in the simultaneous American traditions of checks and balances and well-crafted cynicism toward the abilities of government. "The F.T.C.'s biggest mistake was to allow Facebook to acquire Instagram and WhatsApp," Hughes said, proposing that the government step in by breaking up the company and slapping them with more regulations. 

Sadly, Hughes does not go on to offer an alternative online gathering place for everyone's grandparents and that one guy at work who keeps begging you to like his noise band's Facebook page. Read Hughes' full plea for intervention here.

Anyway, the following video definitely does not include any footage whatsoever of a robot mimicking human humor with minimal success.

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