Alien or Nah: Dude Sees Weird, Shapeshifting Light in Sky

A guy saw a weird, shapeshifting light and is having exactly the reaction you would think.

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A guy reportedly saw a light in the sky Monday night, then promptly freaked the fuck out. This so-called "mysterious flashing light" was captured on video and shared with the hardened investigators over at the Daily Mail, who spoke with 23-year-old Ethan Hodge and his unnamed friend about the alleged flight patterns of the latest unidentified aerial phenomena.

"At first I thought it was just a star but then it started flashing green, blue, purple, all these various colors," Hodge told the Mail. "It disappeared for [a] few seconds and then returned as this big flashing circle. I've never seen anything like it. It was flashing and whizzing about."

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Hodge, who resides in Kingswood and works as a plasterer, was out with the aforementioned unnamed friend when he allegedly spotted the light above Siston Common near Mangotsfield, Bristol. Hodge explained that he's always been a "bit more on the look out" for peculiar light activity thanks to a family friend's interest in such phenomena.

Cool story, but a swirling light has nothing on the recent claims of the guy alleging that Google Maps caught him trying to deck an extraterrestrial being during an attempted abduction. That guy, John Mooner, is described by the Daily Mail as tiresome to locals given his frequent claims of similar alleged extraterrestrial interactions. "Oh not again... there are plenty of legitimate UFO stories going on and you choose to cover this guy... can we have some REAL UFO stories please," Rob Bedward, fellow Newton Abbot resident, said last week.

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